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Buffalo Nickel Necklace


Image of Buffalo Nickel Necklace

Each necklace contains a Buffalo Nickel coin, which comes in a metallic magnetic coin holder, some come with rhinestones, some do not. Some have dates on them, ranging from 1913-1938, and some have been rubbed off, which was a design & composition flaw in the making of these coins. Each necklace is made with turquoise chips or another semi-precious stone and seed beads, strung on wire, typically with silver-plated metal clasp. Each necklace comes with a brief history of these coins and how I obtained them. They're each shipped in a custom designed art box, created by artist Jorge Wesley, who uses paint pens, in white and a micro-art pens in black ink. His artist bio and contact information are on coin history sheet. Custom orders are available and may include price increase/decrease.